Binary Options - How not to fall to fraudsters

19.09.2015 12:27

Beware of the Internet fraudsters with binary options. Binary options are in the spotlight these days not only in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately for  the reasons that are different from expected. There are a lot of emails and stories by Jaroslav Balaz circulating on the Internet. He seems to be a fictional person. He changes his name a lot. So next his name could be for example Miroslav Kadlec or Tomas Stodola. He explains on his website how you can earn 500 euros per 3 hours from home. Recently an ad was displayed on my facebook page. The title of the article was“ Earn 5000 euros a month from home. YEAR 2014-now it is your chance to live well.“ Humans are curious so it´s normal that a lot of people click on the title. It was similar in my case too. I clicked and the linked website opened. The website tell us the story of Jaroslav Balaz, who worked as a teacher in Kosice before. Later he came across binary options. Thanks to binary options Jaroslav became rich and he bought an apartment in Barcelona. And now he is so kind that he wants to share his experience with you so you could make 5000 euros a month too. There is a discussion under the article. And people in the discussion are very happy because they earn a lot of money thanks to Jaroslav. I have read the article carefully and I must admit that I haven´t read so much nonsense for a long time. But I´d rather to switch to facts why I think the person who created the website is a fraudster.


Everytime when I see a similar website that promises a person hundreds of euros a day without effort, knowledge and experience in the field, I always try to find something similar in other language through Google. Even in this case I wasn´t disappointed by my sixth sense and I have found exactly the same website in the Czech language. The content is identical to the Slovak version. Even the life story is the same. Only the names in reviews are different.While in the Slovak version of the article the main protagonist is the teacher Jaroslav Balaz from Kosice, in the Czech version of the article the name and the job are the same but this time Jaroslav is from Hradec Kralove. You can see the evidence in the pictures below. It´s interesting that both men have bought an apartment in Barcelona, probably the same because they have the same kitchen, living room, view and even the same dog named Diesel. A strange name for a dog.


How the teacher Jaroslav Balaz from Kosice bought the apartment in Barcelona.  


Next I often notice reviews and comments. The reviews for the Slovak and Czech websites are similar but of course in different languages. But when you read carefully you will find that the comments are the same but the names of the people who wrote them are changed. In the second contribution are even the same photos, e. g. a woman  photographed with some money on her legs. Her name on the Slovak website is Martina but on the Czech website she is Petra.


Reviews on the Slovak website  Reviews on the Czech website


The comments are also the same but only translated into the native language. It is strange to me. If the comments were written by real people why they would write the same thing on the Slovak and Czech websites. Answers are the same too. For example, the first post is from user Jane. Jane is a female name but she writes as if she was a man. It´s a pity to analyse it on. An amateur, who is not able to check this kind of mistakes. So it will be better to open the website of the fraudster. The Slovak version is on the domain named and the Czech version is on


I searched further and I found similar websites. Of course the domains were different. There were different fictional people named Adam Briza, Adam Novy, Martin Erben and Karolina Tide (finally a woman) and all of them have bought an appartment in Barcelona. The three men were teachers, even from the same city - Brno. Perhaps they are teachers from the same school. They have bought the same appartment with the same kitchen and the same view as Jaroslav Balaz from Kosice and Jaroslav Balaz from Hradec Kralove in the Czech version of the website. 


All the websites are almost identical - the same stories, photos and methods how to impress people to open an account very quickly and start trading mindlessly.


If you look at the structure of the website of Jaroslav Balaz carefully maybe it looks like something you saw before. Of course the content is different. I mean the fraudulent websites about online roulette, where a bunch of young people came up with a plan that helped them to get money from roulette. 


You can see at least five things these websites have in common.

  1. Fascinating story about two people who succeeded. The first one has bought a car and the second one has bought an appartment in Barcelona.

  2. Both of them came to teach you how you can make 200 euros a day.

  3. There are only positive reviews and comments on both websites.

  4. Both of them advertise something - online casinos and brokers.

  5. They give you an advice how to register, deposit money and get rich in a guaranteed and verified way.

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In reality both of them are affiliate partners. One of them promotes online casinos which are promoted on his own website and the other – Jaroslav Balaz promotes brokers. What does it mean? If you sign up through some of their links, deposit money and lose (and you can be sure that you will lose if you have no experience in stock trading or knowledge about binary options) they will receive a commission from you. Online casinos usually offer a 30%  reward for affiliate. I don´t know how big the reward is for the broker´s affiliate like Jaroslav Balaz.


Their purpose is to interest people who don´t know anything about stock trading. So there is a high possibility that they will lose their money.


Final evaluation

It´s necessary to tell that binary options are not a scam. They can be compared to betting on a football game. You will come to the bookmaker and guess whether your team will win or lose. It is the same with binary options. You will guess whether the price of something ( oil, coffee, gold, EURO exchange rate etc.) will fall or rise. As well as with the betting you will get an exchange rate and you have to bet your money. When the game is over you will see if you win or lose. But what´s the most important thing for both? If you guess incorrectly, all of your deposited money will be lost. So there are two possibilities. Either you you will get back everything multiplied by the exchange rate or you will lose everything.


For the long term benefit from trading binary options, you have to have your own business plan as well as professional traders have. The business plan includes one or more strategies of earning. Don´t be afraid because strategies for binary options are quite simple to understand. And the whole Internet is full of them. All you need to do is to choose one and try it and after that you can start trading. It´s importnat to choose the right broker because even among them are many fraudsters. I recommend Opteck. They are certified and regulated by CysecSEC and IFSC.



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I have been learning doing bussiness for several years. I don´t say that I am good at it, but I spend with it a lot of time.How to summarize it truly and simply? You can make real money on binary options. However it is difficult, very difficult. Binary options are very simple because they require far less knowledge than you might think.And thanks to the way of how single bussiness results are returned I can say that you can quickly gain high earnings on them . But as well binary options are very I repeat very risky.Binary options bussiness requires knowledge especially within technical analysis and simple and reliable strategy which is needed to practice thoroughly with free demo account. What is probably most difficult about binary trading is psyche. Binary trading offer two options, profit and loss.And just by short-term deals you can get sucked into gambling. Such trading requires extremely discipline, attention and patience but it is usually difficult to keep a cool head. However, those who manage can reach really nice gains within a few months. How the author of these websites says ´´ You won´t be millionaires from one day to another´´ and I definitely warn you before buying various generators, systems and such nonsenses.

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